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Presi HZ50-4 Fully Automatic Tester (Vickers & Knoop)

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180.00 LBS

Fully automatic and noiseless, the PRESI hardness tester is equipped with two load cells, allowing it to apply loads from 10g to 50 kg.

The HZ50-4 hardness tester is equipped with:

–        2 Indenters
–        4 Nikon Objectives (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)
–        2 Integrated Cameras (black & white for micro and color for macro)
–        Large Marble Stage
–        Touch Sensor
–        X-Y Motorized Stage
–        Automatic LED lighting

Delivered with:

–        Joystick
–        Complete Computing System (PC, 24″ monitor, keyboard and mouse)
–        PRESI-TOUCH software

Main advantages of the automatic hardness tester by PRESI:

–        Large work space X-Y-Z
–        Automatic detection of the samples by touch-sensor, without marking the surface
–        High-speed hardness tester
–        Very large range of loads (from 10g to 50kg)
–        Set of high-quality Nikon objectives (magnification from 200x to 2000x), with microscopic optical quality
–        Very good results on etched materials
–        Indentation programs with different loads applied on different indents
–        Very simple and intuitive soft: PRESI-TOUCH

Accessories : Sample holders for 1, 4 or 6 samples.

Quality standards:

–        Vickers > ISO 6507 ans ASTM E-384
–        Knoop > ISO 4545 and ASTM E-384

110V/32Amps or 220V/16Amps to be specified upon order.

180 lbs (80Kg)