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Failure Analysis

Sturbridge Metallurgical Services has over 40 years of experience leading failure analysis investigations in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Firearms industries. Our methodical approach to root-cause analyses provide detailed yet clear conclusions and provide expert recommendations for corrective action. SMS Labs offers over 12,000 square feet and a team of materials engineers for hosting external failure & litigation conferences.

report-icon.png Download a Sample Failure Analysis Report Completed by Sturbridge Metallurgical Services

Review & Discussion:
The project starts with gathering information from the client to allow SMS the opportunity to gain as complete of an understanding as possible of the failure and any potential contributing factors that need to be considered.

Cataloging / Documenting:

Upon discussing with the client and receiving available information and materials we identify, photograph and catalog all parts/pieces/components that can be sent to us for further testing/analysis.

Sample Preparation:

Samples are taken and prepared as necessary for the highest level of inspection/testing which may include cleaning, cross sectioning, hot or cold mounting, polishing, etching, etc.


After samples are prepared accordingly they are analyzed as needed and the data collected based on the failure and the information the client and SMS are looking to gather. Whether it be on our Keyence, SEM or one of our Stereo Microscopes our mounted samples are made to allow for analysis on each piece of equipment.


After all of the data is collected a detailed report is created noting the failure background, the methodology taken to gather the results, and all data/images that support the results and our conclusions and/or recommendations.

When professionalism, thoroughness and quality matter to your case, Sturbridge Metallurgical Services is the place to contact for your Failure Analysis Investigation.