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Metallography & Microscopy

Metallographic evaluation reveals a level of detail far beyond the eye can see. Using advanced preparation procedures and high powered microscope imaging systems, metallographic analysis is vital in determining why a part failed or even verifying that a particular material is processed correctly prior to service.

SMS Labs’ state of the art metallographic laboratory offers decades of experience analyzing the most complex industry alloys from ancient artifacts to aerospace super alloys.  Years of careful procedure development ensure that SMS sample preparation and evaluation are specific to alloy type, condition, and form.

Common Evaluations:

Grain Size (ASTM E112)
Inclusion Rating (ASTM E45)
Carburization / Decarburization (ASTM E1077)
Case Depth/Heat Treat Evaluation (Industry Specifications)
Laser Recast / Non-Traditional Machining Evaluation
Porosity Measurement 
Intergrannular Attack (ASTM F2111)
Carbide Formation/Precipitation
Phase segmentation
Weld Evaluation (Industry Specifications)
Plating / Coating Evaluation
Thickness Measurement


Two (2) Presi Automatic 12” Polishers
Two (2) Presi Manual 8-12” Polishers
Three (3) Presi Automatic Hot Mount Presses
Four (4) Abrasive Cut Off Machines 6-12” Capacity
One (1) Kalamazoo Metal Cutting Band Saw

Eight (8) Light optical microscopes (upright and inverted) with digital image acquisition and advanced analysis software.
Seven (7) Stereo microscopes with digital image acquisition and advanced analysis software.
Two (2) Keyence VHX digital microscopes with 3D image stitching and image analysis up to 5000x magnification
Two (2) Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscopes with Light Element Detectors (EDS).  
Six (6) Portable field microscopes