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Our Lab

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At SMS, the success of our clients is paramount. First and foremost, SMS is a materials testing lab with over 25 years of experience performing analysis on an extensive array of materials. Our success is due, in part, to the equipment and supplies used in our lab.

You now have access to the same equipment and supplies used in our lab through our online store. We will work with you to determine the best materials and equipment for your application, even helping to create efficient procedures, as needed. If there is something you need help with, just ask! 

SMS Labs Cutting Equipment & Supplies


 SMS Labs Cutting Room:

Presi Mecatome T330
Presi Mecatome T260
SMS FineCut 6 (Prototype Shown)

SMS Diamond, CBN & Abrasive Blades



SMS Hot Mounting Equipment & Supplies

SMS Sample Mounting and Macro Inspection Stations:

Presi Mecapress 3 (x4)
Presi Mecapress 2
SMS Stereoscopes for Macro Inspection

SMS Phenolic Powders, Trans Optic
Powder, Epoxease Mold Release


SMS Polishing Equipment & Supplies

 SMS Labs Grinding/Polishing Stations:

Presi Mecatech 334 (Central Pressure)
Presi Mecatech 334 (TCI Max Head)
Presi Mecapol P320

SMS Grinding Papers, Polishing Pads, 
Polishing Solutions & Suspensions


SMS Microhardness Testing Station

 SMS Microhardness Station:

Phase II 900-391C (Vickers)
Phase II 900-391C (Knoop)

SMS Certified Vickers & Knoop Indenters
SMS Calibrated Test Blocks


SMS Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell Testing

 SMS Rockwell Station:

Phase II Rockwell Tester 900-331
Phase II Superficial Tester 900-345

SMS Certified Indenters 
SMS Calibrated Test Blocks


SMS OC White Stereoscope and HD Camera & Measurement System

 SMS Macroinspection Station:

OC White Pro Zoom 6.5 Stereoscope 
OC White 5MP Hybrid HDMI/USB Camera
OC White PC Suite Software Extension