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Industries We Serve

Multi-Industry Material Testing Capabilities

Sturbridge Metallurgical is a well-rounded materials testing lab. We provide a wide variety of testing services and we are constantly looking to add to our capabilities. As industries change, so do testing requirements. Starting as a metallography lab, we have added corrosion, mechanical, SEM-EDS, chemical testing capabilities, and we will continue to expand as we see necessary.

Not only do we provide the analysis needed in multiple industries, but we also offer the equipment and consumable products that we use in our lab every day. If you have a lab in-house, or you’re thinking about installing a lab, let us help you.

We will provide the tools and supplies, but more importantly, we provide the know-how. SMS is uniquely positioned to take your lab team, technicians and engineers, from any background and experience level and turn them into an efficient and effective analysis unit.

We share the knowledge we have gained over the past 25+ years with your team to get them up to speed quickly. Avoid downtime and production losses due to the learning curve. Call SMS. Whether you are analyzing grain size, coatings, welded components, or anything else we do for our own customers. Our goal is to leave your team in a position to be successful.


Aerospace Material Testing Services 

Aerospace manufacturing standards are some of the most stringent due to what is at stake. Many of the industry’s brightest aerospace engineers turn to SMS Labs to ensure their components meet industry standards. Routine quality analysis in the aerospace industry is one of the most common requests we carry out. We analyze components of all sizes, from 1/8” fasteners to 6’ diameter, 1200 pound aircraft forgings.

Even still, parts can fail in the field. When they do, these same engineers reach out to Sturbridge Metallurgical to determine the root cause of their failure. We have the experience and the dedicated team to get to the bottom of the problem and determine preventive measures that will allow similar failures to be avoided in the future.

We maintain an Independent, Nadcap accredited facility with approvals in multiple categories including Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Testing, Metallography, Micro Hardness, Corrosion and Coating Evaluations. We hold similar approvals including ISO 17025, GE (S-400), Sikorsky and Pratt Canada.


Medical Material Testing Services

Sturbridge Metallurgical performs a variety of medical industry component evaluations. We have completed routine and root cause failure analysis on implantable devices including heart valves, stents, catheters and many others. Medical device companies turn to SMS before and after their components hit the market and more importantly, before they are introduced to patients.

SMS has been called on for not-so-ordinary specialty medical items including prosthetics, bones and teeth. If you have a testing need in the medical industry, do not hesitate to contact us.

We’ve also preformed analysis on surgical tools. Far too often, we see the devices designed to perform at the most critical moments do not meet the task. We can analyze medical tools and devices and provide the answers when they are most critical. Whether your analysis is internal, or you failure has become a legal issue, Sturbridge can provide the data required and the expertise to stand by our findings.


Industrial Material Testing Services

SMS provides many industrial components analysis services. Whether, construction, infrastructure, energy or manufacturing, our team of engineers and technicians are prepared to provide the analysis you need. Holding Nadcap and ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditations, you can rely on our results.

The list of industrial components we have worked with is endless. Hardware, fasteners, fan blades, gears, screens, coatings, welded components, heat treated parts, etc. We perform routine, quality analysis and root cause failure analysis, so whether your part is in R&D or it’s been in the field for 100 years, SMS can uncover the answers you need, when you need them.


Automotive Material Testing Services

Similar to the aerospace industry, quality and safety are top concerns in the automotive industry. SMS has the team and the means to perform the analysis required to ensure your components are meeting client, OEM and industry specifications.

Automotive product failures can be minor in the overall vehicle operation, but can be catastrophic in terms of safety, or financially in terms of potential recalls. No detail is too small to be overlooked. SMS can handle routine production/lot checks, comparative analysis between lots, verify R&D designs & specs, material verification and complete root cause failure analysis.


Firearms & Defense Material Testing Services

Sturbridge Metallurgical is ITAR Registered and we hold our State & Federal Firearms Licenses. We perform quality and failure analysis services on firearms, components and ammunition, working with client, AMS, ASTM, MIL and other standards as necessary.

Contact the SMS team today to learn more about our products and services and to receive a quote. We are here to serve our clients in any capacity, whether lab services, supplies, equipment, training or consulting. Not sure what you need, give us a call, or stop by. Many times we can give you an idea of what makes sense for you based on your industry, part, process and/or application. Need a reference? We can do that, too.