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Need technical help or assistance? Sturbridge Metallurgical's materials engineers have extensive experience with many aspects of materials testing and analysis. Having worked in heat treating, forging, welding, aerospace, automotive, fire-arms and medical device environments to help solve material and production related issues. Our engineers are knowledgeable in many aspects of manufacturing processes and product performance and can help you with the seemingly simplest problem to the most complex.

Consulting projects can often rely on the collaborative efforts of many individuals, and can involve engineering, microscopy, materials science, chemical analysis, and other analytical processes or testing techniques. So when you are face with materials or manufacturing challenges, you can count on our engineers to lead you through the process from beginning to end.  

If you have any questions or particular challenges, please feel free ask us. We will work with you at all levels to provide solutions that makes sense for you and your team.

 Use Our Facilities

Use our facility to conduct your own consulting projects or investigations. If you are a consultant or you already have your own expert....but no laboratory. You can use our facility and equipment to perform anything from simple inspections, to developing investigation protocols, to conducting complete in-depth forensic failure analysis.