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Metallographic Equipment

SMS Labs offers a complete line of metallographic equipment for your in-house testing needs. Cut-off saws for any size parts, hot & cold mounting equipment, grinder-polishers, hardness testers and microscopes. SMS offers trusted global brands including Presi, Phase 2, and OC White.

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Metallographic Supplies

SMS Labs offers a full selection of metallurgical consumables, supplies, and pre-mixed etchants for your in-house laboratory needs. Cut off wheels, mounting solutions, grinding papers, polishing cloths, suspensions, adhesives, and more. Our products are thoroughly tested and backed by our very own metallographic testing facility.

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Failure Analysis

Sturbridge Metallurgical Services has over 40 years of experience leading failure analysis investigations in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Firearms industries. Our methodical approach to root-cause analyses provide detailed yet clear conclusions and provide expert recommendations for corrective action. SMS Labs offers over 12,000 square feet and a team of materials engineers for hosting external failure & litigation conferences.

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About SMS Labs

Sturbridge Metallurgical Services was founded in 1990 in Sturbridge, MA, by President Courtney Grimes. Originally the company was started as a small, independent testing lab. Over the years, the company has grown. Sturbridge Metallurgical has increased from 1 to 15 full time employees. We have outgrown three locations before settling into our current home at 8 Picker Road in Sturbridge, MA. The lab offers a complete range of testing and analysis services and our business has expanded to include offering selling a full line of metallurgical equipment and supplies.

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