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SEM-EDS Analysis

Scanning Electron microscopy (SEM) is able to provide extremely high resolution of samples at magnifications far beyond standard light microscopy. SMS Labs offers two state of the art machines that are both equipped with light element detection by energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS). As configured, our instruments are able image in excess of 10,000x magnification as well as obtain micro-chemical spectra in extremely small regions not discernible by conventional chemical testing.

The data obtainable by SEM/EDS earns its reputation as the most valuable tool in failure analysis and metallographic investigations.

Imaging Capabilities
Fracture analysis (Fractography)
Plating thickness
Metallographic analysis
High magnification inspection – wear patterns, microcracks, material transfer
Failure Analysis
Particle Morphology and Powder Imaging

Determination of Chemical Composition
Parent alloy
Residues & stains
Foreign object debris
Surface contaminants
Inclusion determination
Alloy segregation
EDS features include Micro Probing, X-Ray Mapping, and Line Scanning