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Tensile Testing

Product Description

Next Day Service Guarantee for Standard, Pre-Machined Tensile Tests on pulls up to 60,0000 pounds for up to 5 bars.

Non-Standard parts - 3-5 Day Turnaround
Larger Lots/Repetitive Analysis - Contact Us or Request a Quote

Tensile testing is the most commonly accepted method of determining information on the strength and ductility of materials under uniaxial tensile stresses. Data obtained from tensile testing is useful in product development, quality control, and material certification. Test samples may be finished product, raw stock, welded components, and more!

Typical data obtained from tensile testing includes

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (Breaking Force)
  • Yield Strength
  • Elongation
  • Reduction of Area  


  • Tinius Olsen Super L Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine. 60,000 lbs capacity (Tension & Compression)
  • Instron 4202 Electro-Mechanical Tensile Test Machine. 2,500 lbs capacity (Tension & Compression)
  • Mark 10 ESM 301L Motorized Test Stand w/ Series 5 Advanced Digital Force Gauge. 300 lbs capacity (Tension & Compression.)