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Mecatome T215 - 8" (203mm) Blade - Automatic Cut

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199.00 LBS
  • Vice Chuck for Longitudinal Samples for Presi Mecatome T180, Flexicut & Mecatome T210.
  • Cast in one piece quick clamping vice set - left and right clamps included.
  • Sample Positioning Laser

The Mecatome T215 is an automatic cutting machine capable of simple, one-time sectioning to pre-programmed, serial sectioning. The saw is completely programmable, accurate to 1/100th mm. It can be controlled either with the joystick and/or the touch screen control system with multiple cut pattern options.

Its T-slot table is compatible with multiple clamping systems. Small sample vices and chucks can be used used for ultra precision cuts on smaller parts. Blades can be changed quickly and easily. Pump lubrication and cleaning system included.


MECATOME T 215 incorporates three control systems for perfect cuts

  • Control the speed of the blade
  • Control the speed of the advance of the motorized table based on engine load
  • Impulse Cutting at your desired settings

Requires 230V Single Phase Power Supply.