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Mecatome T205 - 75-200mm Blade - Manual/Gravity Cut

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122.00 LBS
  • Vice Chuck for Longitudinal Samples for Presi Mecatome T180, Flexicut & Mecatome T210.
The MECATOME T205 is a versatile micro-cutting machine, robustly built for years of use. The T205 is capable of cutting the hardest materials and the softest. The user can set and adjust all cutting parameters using the intuitive touch screen. 100-4000 RPM blade speed.
Powerful: Able to cut all materials, from soft to very hard.
Reproducible: Memory capable of storing all cutting parameters.
Efficient: Ergonomic design.
Simple: Easy to use with touch screen controls.
Intelligent: Digital display of micrometric movement, cutting parameters and cycle time.