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Mecatech 300 SPC (12")

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The Mecatech 334 is a robust, powerful and reliable polishing machine, incorporating the most advanced technologies for an easy use and simple maintenance. It can be used with 10" and/or 12" platens (250-300mm). The SPC model includes a Central and Individual Pressure polishing head allowing user choice between Central and Individual Pressure, as needed. For the polishing of 1-12 samples (depending on sample size) with central pressure or up to 6 samples with individual pressure.

The Mecatech SPC is equipped with a frequency inverter with vectorial flow technology which gives exceptional power to the machine at the polishing head and the plate. Speed variations are precise. Torque and speed are constant whatever the applied load. Plate acceleration is progressive, while stopping is immediate. The head and plate spin in either direction, on demand and the machine has a thermal protection in the event of prolonged overheating.

The LCD touch screen makes it very easy to create or modify a polishing program and store up to 100 programs. During the cycle, the current operation can be displayed as well as the following one or the previous one, allowing the operator to anticipate consumables to come.

The motors are mounted on ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation. The force applied to samples is reduced at start up and the end of each cycle for optimal polishing quality. The flow of lubricants or abrasives can be controlled by micro-peristaltic pumps allowing a precise dosage, providing potential consumable savings as well as perfect reproducibility, between cycles.

The automatic locking of the polishing head when the cycle starts helps to avoid errors that could damage the machine, fixtures or samples. The lifting of the polishing head at the end of the cycle facilitates the easy loading & unloading of the plates or samples.

Mecatech 300 SPC was designed for easy cleaning:

  • Removable bowl liner with anti-splash device, easy to clean.
  • LCD screen on the face of the machine.

Requires 230V Single Phase Power Supply, Fresh Water Supply/Drain and pneumatic air supply (not included)