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Hardness Testing

Product Description

When designing a part, investigating a material issue or comparing materials for use in any application, knowing it’s resistance to deformation is extremely important. The proper hardness test for your part depends on the material and sample size being tested, or based on the specification you are testing to. Sturbridge Metallurgical has the capabilities to help you analyze a wide variety of parts to fully understand their hardness profile.

Microhardness Testing using Vickers & Knoop: 
Microhardness is among the most common tests we perform in the lab. Vickers can be used across most all metals and provides a uniform diamond  shape for measurement. Knoop is typically used on more brittle or thin materials (coatings) and provides an elongated diamond for measurement.  Parts are cut as needed and hot mounted for accurate results.

Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell Hardness Testing: 
Rockwell hardness is the most commonly known and requested hardness test, consisting of seven (7) different scales: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD,  HRE, HRF and HRG. The superficial Rockwell scale is used for brittle and thinner materials.

Durometer Hardness Testing:
Durometer hardness testing is used for measuring the hardness of rubbers, polymers and elastomers. The durometer hardness test is also referred to  as the Shore Durometer test and is typically performed to the Shore A or Shore D scales.

Other hardness testing methods that can be performed to characterize your material such as Brinell or for larger parts in the field Portable hardness  testing can be done. Let Sturbridge Metallurgical work with you to determine the appropriate hardness testing. We can process small lab jobs or ongoing production lab work to meet your needs.