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Mecatome ST310 - Up to 12" (300mm) Blade - Swinging Cut (See Video)

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254.00 LBS

The Presi Mecatome ST310 manual cut-off machine has a  unique swinging blade arm movement, which gives the operator control of the cut in the Y and Z axes, increasing the length of the cut, allowing for rapid, cool cutting. This technology allows a 60% time savings compared to traditional cutting machines and means a significant reduction of effort for the operator. 

Its new speed regulation technology enables a constant blade speed regardless of the load applied to the sample. 

The T-Slot table with interchangeable stainless steel blocks can be used with multiple clamping vices and/or Kopal holders, making positioning samples easy and effective. Large and bulky components can be cut, as well as bars.

The recirculating tank is equipped with an efficient filter system (removable and washable), so the cooling system is always clean and does not add any polluting particles during the cut. Cuts are always perfectly clear.

The saw also has a built-in cleaning system making clean up easy.

Requires 380V 3 Phase Power Supply - Can be delivered 480V upon request.