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Material Plus Metallography Software

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Material plus is a comprehensive quantitative solution for metallographic studies. The available software modules conform to all equivalent national and international standards.

  • Segmentation: phase is detected and its area is estimated on the basis of its grey scale. Multiple phases are delineated and coloured overlays are displayed in the same field of the histogram.
  • Lamellar Graphite: The automatic, one button quantitative program provides graphite length and its size class designated by Arabic numbers 1 - 8, on the basis of A 247 ASTM standard. Graphite type is designated by capital letter A to E and is reported on the basis of its orientation.
  • Porosity: According to ASTM B 276, the dark phase of porosity is detected in red bitplane. The total number of pores are counted with minimum and maximum. On the basis of the count, the average size pores are reported.
  • Coating Thickness: Four methods cover measurement of local thickness of metal and oxides coating through interactive or automated methods. These methods are available for straight, curve and circular thickness. The software follows ASTM E 1077 industrial method.
  • Speroidization: The wizard automatically evaluates shape factor of pearlite in the metal plates.
  • Spheroidal Graphite: One button program separate nodules from non-nodules on the basis of its spherosity. The size is designated by Arabic numbers 1 to 8 and form by Roman numbers I to VI. The Nodules per sq mm, ferrite, pearlite, graphite, carbide are reported in fetched sample. 
  • Grain Size: The method has choice of various type of analysis namely: Jeffries Planimetric, Planimetric counting, Heyns Lineal Intercept, Abrams three circle and ALA according to ASTM E 112 methods. The wizard reports grain number and mean intercept length at high accuracy.
  • Decarburisation: The module provides measurement of total/partial decarburisation from the surface of steel. The method follows ASTM E 1077-91.
  • Non-Metallic Inclusions: The test method requires field of 0.5mm. Expression of results are in the Group A,B,C,D along with segmentation of thin/thick and its severity level according ASTM E 45.