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Evo 500

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2,500.00 LBS
  • Double Quick Clamping Vices for Presi Evo 400 and Presi Evo 500
  • Presi Evo 400 Chain Clamp
  • Sample Positioning Laser for Presi Evo 400 and Presi Evo 500

The Presi Evo 500 is a high-capacity, high tech, cutting machine, dedicated to large parts needing high power and unmatched precision.

It is ideal for very large samples (up to 9.5" high and over 425 lbs),
EVO 500 comes with exceptional motor capacity and an automatic cleaning system.

Equipped with a very powerful motor, EVO 500 has a series of regulators that make cutting easier.
Disc cutting speed remains constant. The frequency controller boosts the power of the motor, allowing
tougher materials to be cut. Its exceptional cooling capacities mean high cutting speed without the risk
of burns. Lubrication is delivered via two directional nozzles and numerous lubrication points in the grinder housing.

EVO 500 is equipped with a motorized hood, leaving sufficient working space for parts to be loaded by lifting.
The transparent cover and interior LED lighting provide great visibility. EVO 500 also has a cutting wheel locking
system, meaning discs can be changed quickly and easily.

The motor controlling the 3 axes (X, Y and Z), which is standard on EVO 500, allows precise positioning. The positioning of parts
to be cut is quick and optimized, thanks to the positioning laser. Dual lubrication system.

Equipped with a 600 x 600mm table, motorized on axes X and Y, it can cope with large parts weighing up to 200kg.
The T-slotted multipurpose deck (12mm) can adapt to all clamping systems available on the market.