Used Metallurgical Equipment

Looking to Buy or Sell Used Metallurgical Lab Equipment?

Sturbridge Metallurgical has years (decades) of experience working with used equipment. Our business started out buying and selling used equipment to a variety of customers, most of which we still work with today.

Looking for used machines?
Are you in the market for a used/refurbished machine? We understand that not every budget is created equal and sometimes a new machine just isn’t a possibility. We would be happy to work with you to find just the right machine for your application. Our process is simple, if we don’t have the machine you need in-house, we work with our network of sources to find it. We then take it, make sure its fully functional, make any minor repairs needed and get it to you in like-new condition.

Looking to sell your lab equipment?
Do you have a machine that you no longer use, or have upgraded from? We can work with you on a trade-in value or a straight purchase. Send us as much detail about the machine as you can, pictures from as many angles as you can and we will give you a value. If you are local, we would be happy to stop by and evaluate the equipment in person.


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